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Parties & Homes

An exciting and fun experience for any party or event, the Animal Adventures encounter includes:

  • Handling and presentation with a variety of exotic live animal species

  • Photo-taking opportunities with animals

  • Unique displays of animal abilities

  • Q&A and prizes

And generally the ability to get up close and personal, learn everything there is to know, and be immersed in the natural world. If you have a desire to see a particular species, we will do our best to accommodate it, so please ask us!


Schools & Institutions

Tailor made to suit your particular requirements, we offer a variety of options for schools, learning centers, and other institutions. These can be one-off events or ongoing courses.

Possible features include:

  • Live animal handling

  • Worksheets and fact sheets

  • Wildlife presentations

  • Examination of animal abilities (feeding, behaviour, colour changing etc.)

  • Hands on activities, related to animal behavior, e.g. treatment of snakebite, observation of feeding, climbing ability etc.

This can be arranged according to your preferences and tie in with your school curriculum or learning objectives/level, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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